Salutech Quality

Salutech quality is based on an integrated process consisting of product development and finished product testing, divided into five steps:

The first step is product development. Salutech experts evaluate the clinical studies supporting the various ingredients in order to select the ones proven to be the most effective.

The second step is the assessment of ingredient origin by means of accurate Supply Chain monitoring and evaluation. Thorough laboratory tests are performed on all the ingredients in order to evaluate their compliance with strict European quality standards.

The third step is product formulation and forming. After identifying the formulation, based on the active dose-response found in the supporting studies, the final product form is assessed and defined - whether capsule, sachet, tablet, bottle or stick pack - based on the following critical features:

  • Formulation absorption and supplementing effectiveness
  • Stability ensured by the selected form
  • A user-friendly approach

During this step the utmost care is also taken in choosing the perfect secondary packaging for the product, which is essential to prevent ingredient activity decay.

The fourth step is carried out by assessing product performance stability over time in order to validate its effectiveness until its best-before date.

The fifth and final step is industrial-scale production, exclusively performed in manufacturing facilities which meet the strictest quality requirements and ensure GMP production standards.

Our Core Values

We believe that it is our duty to supply the best and most effective products while maintaining consumer health as our priority. This is the concept applied by Salutech to product development, based on four core values which are implemented in our day-to-day work:

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Innovation

With a single target - HEALTH.