Health professionals

Salutech was founded by a group of nutritional and pharmaceutical experts who decided to join their expertise and start a new venture. Salutech team developed their professional experience in major pharmaceutical multinationals and a wide range of scopes of application.

We integrated our diverse expertise into our joint venture:

  • Worldwide regulatory experts who help us support each product with thorough dedicated records and meet documental requirements for the registration of our products in all the five continents
  • Formulation, scientific and ingredient experts, who help us select the best ingredients at the best dosage for our product composition, whose effectiveness is supported by clinical studies.
  • Business and marketing experts. Thanks to their experience in international markets and fully aware of Supply Chain Model diversities among countries - from pharmaceutical companies to consumers - our product business team can customize targeted marketing campaigns for our customers and work on the basis of International Contract Models.

Our Core Values

We believe that it is our duty to supply the best and most effective products while maintaining consumer health as our priority. This is the concept applied by Salutech to product development, based on four core values which are implemented in our day-to-day work:

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Innovation

With a single target - HEALTH.