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The vaginal ecosystem has a population consisting mainly of lactic acid bacteria, which together help to maintain the right balance of this ecosystem, while maintaining a pH and proper lubricafition of the vagina.

The vaginal microbiota inhibits the growth of pathogens by different mechanisms , such as the production of organic acids, in particular lactic acid, the production of bacteriocines and the production of hydrogen peroxide.

When, due to different factors (pregnancy, treatment with antibiotics, use of contraceptives ), fails the state of intestinal homeostasis, inevitably incurs in an event of bacterial dysbiosis .

This condition can lead to a substantial decrease of the antagonism of lactobacilli, with alteration of the equilibrium of the vaginal ecosystem, thus improving opportunistic infections by microorganisms not only alien but also indigenous.

FLORVAG is a dietary supplement formulated in capsules containing the active strain Lactobacillus plantarum LB931 useful for restoring and maintaining the balance of the vaginal flora.

FLORVAG thanks to the demonstrated ability of lactobacillus strains to migrate from the intestinal lumen into the vaginal area, acting microbial ecosystem, which makes them useful to relieve and prevent the symptoms related to dysbiosis and the recurrent infections, resulting in a further barrier against microorganisms pathogens, in particular, its action explicated in the intestine prevents bacterial imbalances that may over time influence the vaginal ecosystem, thereby ensuring its effectiveness especially as an antagonist of pathogenic bacteria an optimal balance .

Specific activities of Lactobacillus plantarum LB931 content FLORVAG:

  • adhesion to epithelium resulting barrier effect against the colonization by pathogenic microorganisms;
  • removal of nutrient substrates for bacteria or yeast opportunists;
  • competition with pathogens for receptor sites present on epithelial cells of the wall;
  • production of high amounts of lactic acid that create an environment unfavorable to the growth of pathogenic microorganisms or opportunistic.

One capsule of FLORVAG brings no less than 2.5 billion live probiotic bacteria.