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It has been showed that different types of probiotic bacteria have an antagonistic action toward pathogenic bacteria that colonize different areas of our organism .

In particular it has been proven that the appearance of problems of the oropharynx and related expressions of suffering such as otitis or pharyngitis or laryngo tonsillitis has originated from a considerable imbalance of the bacteria present in this part of our body towards an unbalanced composition of pathogenic microflora .

JUNIORBIOTICS is a product developed to make the right dose of probiotic bacteria , namely Lactobacillus Rhmanosus LB21 and Streptococcus oralis 89 able to oppose the pathogen proliferation in the oropharynx tract .

The two strains present in JUNIORBIOTICS have proven their efficacy in clinical trials showing the results of an healthy reduction in the amount of pathogenic bacteria in the oropharynx with obvious beneficial effects in patients with otitis or tonsiliti .

In addition to having an action of barrier against any pathogenic strains colonization the strains in JUNIORBIOTICS have demonstrated an increase in the immune system of the oropharynx and an ability to induce the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines able to help in the reduction of the negative action of pathogens.